GTX 670 or HD 7950 OC... need someone to decide for me. :P

I'm so horrible.

I need a new video card and I'm torn between the GTX 670 and the HD 7950. They're both within my price range ($400) and it looks like they'll play 1920x1080 just fine. The GTX, based on the above comparison, looks like it'll play games better than the 7950, but then that's not considering the OC potential of the 7950, which I hear is beastly.

The 670 just had a recall on their Superclocked versions and I'm aware that these issues will crop up with brand new hardware... but then I've seen no shortage of reviews on Newegg (and other websites) where people complain about the 7950 drivers and how they'll get frequent crashes, artifacts, etc. I'm not a pro at over-clocking but I think I could easily use the utilities or find a guide online on how to OC this card.

I want to play the following: Team Fortress 2, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, Portal 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, Starcraft II and Torchlight 2. (Sad, can't companies make any original IPs!?)

So, with an OCZ ZT 750W PSU, Asus M5A99X Evo, Phenom II X4 970 BE (4.1Ghz) and 8GB of Ram, which would you suggest I shove in my Antec Three Hundred case? I'd be playing at 1920x1080 for awhile since my HP w2338h monitor doesn't support higher resolutions, but I would like to leave room for higher resolution play in case I do upgrade.

What's a man to do!?
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  1. in regards to the video card, the 7950 uses more power and gives less, performance, the gtx 670 also has more headroom for overclocking, the 670 even blows the 7970 out of the water in some tests, i would definitely go with the 670, get a overclocked full-sized pcb version such as the one from gigabyte though.

    also with the recalls, there was nothing bad with the cards, just some cards slipped through quality control without being tested.

    and with the case, i'd try it, the case is like the cheapest part of a system, next to the fans
  2. Best answer,3200-14.html <-- The 7950 does use less power. Yes the 7950 overclocks pretty well, hardocp, legitreviews, overclock3D & many more reviewers & people as myself have gotten good overclocks out of the 7950 & many games have improved as all the reviews online were done with launch day drivers. all have oc 1ghz easy and above. If you spend enough time examining the charts & see when oc to 1ghz on the core & above it's on par & sometimes beats the gtx 670

    Either way, really both are good cards. I would recommend the 7950, more Vram 3gb & a 384-bit bus Vs. The 670's 2gb 256-bit I have two 7950's got them on launch day drivers were bad, but finally are stable months after it's release.
  3. I'd go with GTX 670. It's faster and better.
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