7970 vs 670 Gaming + Adobe CS6

Hi, i'm wondering which card would be better for both ultra-settings gaming (1920x1080) and rendering 3d (after effects, premiere, photoshop). I heard 670 does not support its full potential with Adobe CS6 products apparently and 7970 software is working on it -_-

Would it be any better if i got either one, and saved a bit of money on 670?
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  1. Sadly I am waiting until there are people confirming which new cards handle CS6 without hacks. Or Adobe updates their list of cards. So far the only new game I am playing right now is Diablo 3 and that works fine so far for me with the built in HD4000 I have right now. I don't want to jump the gun. I know the 670 is new, but it seems like there should be more info on the 600 series and Adobe by now.
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