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I have 2 GTX 460's ( ) Those... now there voltage tweaked out of the box and Overclocked, but i have this ( ) PSU, my friends say i shoul dhave the power and volts to run every thing.

but when i try to play any game.. any game at all i get tareing, artifacts and then after like 5 mins my PC will just lock up, not crash and restart, it just goes black screen and nothing or no matter how long i wait it dont fix, i have to hard restart.
and now im trying to look at the cards with "Asus GPU tweak" to make sure both cards are the same speed (cuz i got one newegg and one Ebay) and now when i try to enable/disable SLI the option isnt even showing up on the nvidia controll panel.

ALSO when i look at the cards in asus GPU tweak it shows one in the PCI-e 2.0 x16 slot and one says its in a PCI-e 1.1 x16 slot... there both 2.0 why would it say 1.1??? is it cuz SLI???

anyway.. looking for any kind of help at all here, nothing i do seems to fix it
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  1. are you absolutely sure it's in the PCI-E 2.0 slot? - PCI-E 2.0 and PCI-E 1.1 look identical to each other physically. You should consult your motherboard's manual and look at the diagram or search online for your model and check it's specs. No, it's not a byproduct of SLi - it shouldn't occur in your case. There might also be problems with the information utility - could be a bug or glitch. Hope this helps!
  2. well i have the sabertooth mobo, this one
    ( )

    they would go in both the light green slots right..? cuz thats where they are, the only other one it could fit in would be the black one but my PSU is in the way for that one
  3. They are in the right place, first take off the 2 cards and install one by one while testing each one separately, play games for a while and see if it's going to produce any artifacts. Also monitor the specs of your GPU using GPU-Z and the temps as well.
    And of course remove your current driver and install the latest one from nVidia website.
    If each card works fine separately, plug them together and enable SLI and see how it goes.
  4. K i just tried them both by them selves and both cards worked fine, good fps, no artifacts and so i uninstalled the drivers again... and put them both in, put the SLI bridge on and installed the drivers, boot up a game and artifacts into PC lock up

    So what.. its either my PSU doesnt have enough amps? or my motherboard 2nd PCI slot is just broken???

    what eles could it be....
  5. oh and temps were fine, one got to like 68c but that was its max after idk 30 mins of gameplay
  6. Do you have another SLI bridge to try with?
    Have you cleaned the PCIE slots from dust with dry cleaner?
  7. dont have another SLI bridge.. i have cleaned the slots out, cuz i was scared that was it, today i guess ill try putting a single card in the 2nd PCI slot and see how it acts alone, im starting to think its the PCI slot on my MOBO thats broken
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