Need advice for AMD FX8120

I just installed a MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard and AMD FX8120. I am currently running a 500W antec power supply. My computer won't turn on, do i need a higher power power supply or am i just wiring it wrong?
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  1. Need a bit more information, an FX-8120 with just the motherboard should power on fine as it uses much less than 500 watts. Are we missing something like the video card in the equation and other peripherals? In addition it could also be that you installed the front panel connectors from the computer case the wrong way if this is a new build. It could also be if you have not connected the 4/8 pin power connector for the CPU. Lastly, you could also check if the bios version supports the CPU.

    Edit: Just checked its an 8 pin connector for your motherboard.

  2. its an nvideo gts 250
  3. Well the GTS 250 requires a minimum of 450 watt power supply as stated on the webpage so your video card and processor are fine with that power supply. Have you read my above post?

    1. Check if the 8 pin power connector from the power supply is inserted to the slot on the motherboard which is near the CPU
    2. Verify the Front Panel connectors are inserted in the right way
    3. Verify the bios version supports the FX-8120, quite a few boards require an update to use the FX CPUs.
  4. I'm sorry i'm very new at this. Which ones are the front panel connectors and how do i verify the bios version?
  5. Hey no need to feel sorry, we were all once new to this.
    Anyways these are the front panel connectors:

    If this was a newly constructed build then you may not have installed these connectors (as seen in the image) to your motherboard. In addition, they need to be installed in a specific way which is outlined in your motherboard manual.

    Also did you mean the computer wont turn on at all or just wont post?
    I believe post means "power on self test." I believe the motherboard performs some tests to make sure everything is working fine at the bios splashscreen, if stuck at it you may have an older bios revision. If the computer wont turn on at all then forget about the bios.

    Also did you make sure you connected the 8 pin power connector to the slot on the motherboard?

    Edit: here is something about POST
  6. Yeah the computer won't turn on at all, i thought i did the front connectors like in the manual but ill check again, and i just check my 8pin connector and it is plugged in.
  7. is the power supply turned on ? Check all connections from PSU to MB are in all the way
  8. ^brings a good point, there should be that I/O switch, turn it the other way and power on.
  9. Yeah i checked that for sure.
  10. Well if all that's done could be a defective power supply. I have owned the VP-450 (Antec) and I can tell you Antec builds real nice power supplies consisting of good quality parts. You could have gotten an unlucky one? State the model of your power supply.
  11. ok so i fixe the front connectors and now it turned on, however, its just a black screen anbd i just hear my fan turning off and on over and over again. Is this the POST screen you were talking about?
  12. Do you have the OS installed or is this hard drive from an old build? Either way you need a fresh installation of the OS.
  13. so i need to input the cd in right now? im using the same hard drive from my old computer. But i still need to reinstall windows 7?
  14. Yep those old drivers are probably not compatible with the new computer. It is a black screen with a blinking/flashing underline thing or something like that right?
  15. its just a black screen, doesnt even read my monitor i believe.
  16. Is the monitor light flashing? Or is it constant? If its flashing then that could be a problem. Also do you see the bios splash screen?
  17. the monitor light is flashing, it is not constant. I don't see anything on my monitor.
  18. Have you connected the DVI/VGA connector from the video card to the monitor?

    Edit: Also if that is done it probably is the motherboard bios version. Probably needs an update. Do you have any other processors that will work with it?
  19. set bios to boot from cd dvd , then start it up with CD or dvd in drive and see what happens

  20. jerry, how do i do that?
  21. i believe my old AMD Phenom will work with it
  22. dekoNN said:
    i believe my old AMD Phenom will work with it

    Install the Phenom and download the bios from here after verifying that is your motherboard:

    Edit: Make sure it is supported by the motherboard, what Phenom model is it?
  23. i totally forgot what phenom model it was.. it was a quadcore 2.1 ghz.. i believe..
  24. Yes, i believe so.
  25. Yep chances are it will not work, that CPU needs DDR2 memory and your board can only support DDR3.
  26. ah jeez, so what are my options? i only have ddr3 ram on this new computer.
  27. Take it to a store to get flashed? Should not cost a lot, in fact should be pretty cheap. I mean all it takes to flash is a working compatible CPU and a USB drive with the bios file and it only takes a minute to flash.

    Edit: Verify the PCI-E connectors is connected to the video card.
  28. Whats a good place to get it flashed? like Fry's Electronics?
  29. Not too sure about where to get it flashed. Judging from the store name you are in the states? It would be best if you phone them and ask if they do that. In Canada, we have computer repair shops that do flashing, chances are you have that as well.
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