AMD Radeon 7770 no signal

I installed a Radeon 7770 video card into my computer, but when I turn it back on my monitor says "No Signal".

I'm not sure what could be the problem, but here is my PC's specs:

Asus p5vd2-mx se
2 Intel Core 2 duo pc E6750 @2.66GHz
2 gb RAM
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  1. Did you plug in the PCI-E power plug into your graphics card (I've made this mistake before :lol: )? Also, what model is your PSU?
  2. plug in the dvi cord into the mobo first, and check to see if the mobo recognizes that the card is plugged in inside the bios. check to see if its activated and all plugged in correctly. if nothing happens after these changes, theres a chance you have a dead card.
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