Intel Processor E6550

Hello, I was checkeing around and saw many different answers ,but most incomplete.
For the processor i mention in the Title ( E6550 ) all the Bios options for the Processor like C1E
if u want Fastest or MAX performance
u don't need this one right ? , Max CUIP Value Limit is for vista and up but does what any good ?,
Vanderpool Technology again whats it for ?.
Execute Disable Bit and Intel (R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech ( there is another one which isn't
here on this Intel Processor which is Virtual again if not needed keep disable or leave
it on it don't interfere whether it is disabled or enabled good when u need
virtual applications. So for top Performance what with a bit of good
explanation which would be disabled and enabled
So a wee bit of an explanatio would be Tops Answer :)

( P.S for over clocking a processor is there a guide , a chart a tool ?? , i would like try this option ,
i know done wrong nothing works no more ,no worry im nit going to make a
Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU E6556 @ 2.33 Ghz to a 4.0 Ghz lol .

A ton of Thanks and congrats to the Whole Community this is the place where to be :)

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  1. Your questions are all mixed up with other sentences which makes it confusing but i think you are trying to say 'how do you make it perform at its fastest' mostly.

    The lastest BIOS update for your board will let it support newer CPUs/ technologies.
    Vanderpool is another name for X86 Virtualization technology which allows multiple operating systems to simultaneously share x86 processor resources in a safe and efficient manner.
    Speedstep is a technology that increases and decreases the clock speed and voltage of the CPU depending on temperature of the CPU and the load of the CPU.

    Overclocking is supported on boards that have chipsets that allow overclocking.

    What do you want to increase performance in? (Games, normal use or what?).
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