Mini ITX gaming case

I am looking for a Mini ITX case for gaming that I can fit:

A duel 120mm radiator with other airflow while a rad is installed
A GTX680
One 5.25" Drive, One 2.5" drive, and one 3.5" drive

I was thinking something like the bitfenix prodogy but if you guys have other reccomendations, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Could you give us an idea on your budget mate?
  2. Around $1600
    I was thinking a P8Z77-I Deluxe with a 3570k
  3. pretty sweet mini itx case, got about an inch left one the 680 is installed.
  4. an inch left when the 680 is installed* which bynthat i mean youll have an inch of a gap at the end of the case.
  5. ya, i looked at the prodogy and it seemed pretty good but also HUGE for a mini itx case...
  6. i doesn't look like it doesn't fit a duel 120mm rad. I think I'll just go with the prodigy unless anyone has other suggestions.
  7. I have a Prodigy and it's frankly too big for itx. You loose a lot of the advantages you gain from having a tiny motherboard. If you want to fit big radiators then I guess its fine, but the footprint is awkward imo.

    If I had to do my build again, I'd probably go with either of the Fortress series from Silverstone.
    Not an ITX case, but much smaller than a Prodigy and can fit normal components and a microATX motherboard.
    ITX version is really small but it can't fit the same mainstream components.

    I know neither of those are really what you are looking for really, but it's perhaps worth considering "bigger" cases that are actually smaller in the real world, as a lot of people make micro ATX cases that ITX boards will fit fine into.
    If that doesn't appeal, I know Lian Li make a few different ITX cases which I had a look at, though I'm really not sure of the space in them, they all seem pretty compact.
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