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I just got myself an i5 2500k Chip off a forum with a MSI Z68A-GD65 mobo.

I went through the bios to do some setup tests and realised that the bios temperature reads 60 degress on idle, i've done quite abit of digging and it seems other similiar rigs only have idle temps of 30 degs inbetween.

I then installed the CPUID hardware temp monitor. I have not done any over clocking and i don't intend to until i figure out if there is any problem with the Chip. I've already re sit the stock cooler three times, cleaned off excess thermal paste with alcohol cleaners and practically those temperatures never change. I'm very sure i made sure i and clicked all the points of the cooler so that there is sufficient contact and pressure.

I have half the mind to get an aftermarket cooler, which i really dont mind getting, provided the intel cooler is the one that is causing the problem. I've attached a screenshot of the voltages and other readings. I've noticed that the POWERS and IA cores wattages and readings are three times the amount of some of those i can find online.

So im really puzzled by the readings. I've already flashed the bios to a new FW thinking it might be the issue and set everything back to optimal defaults. Is there anything in the bios i should be looking out for that is causing this unnecessary rise in heat. The temperature cores are strangely high at idle,
around 60 deg C. I don't intend to leave that rig active for long. I'm kinda afraid i my get my chip fried.

My rig is not even enclosed in a case now, so i dont think there are any issues with airflow, dust, etc
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. In the BIOS the CPU has a load, it can only idle when it has booted the OS.

    When you reseated the HS did you put new thermal paste on?

    The CPU will start getting damaged at continuous temps of over 90c.
  2. i had re applied new thermal paste through all my re sits on the CPU.

    I'm not sure if the Chip itself is damaged, The system seems to be running...

    The screen shot i had attached in the thread was when i had booted the rig in Win 7. All the cores seem to be hovering around 65 now.
  3. If the CPU was damaged then there would be stability issues or the system wouldn't boot at all, your CPU is not damaged.

    Did you clean the CPU and heatsink when you reapplied thermal compound and how much did you put on?

    What is the load on the CPU (you can check in task manager).
  4. If that screen shot was taken at basically idle (or the minimum shows idle, anyway), there's something strange going on.

    The temps are definitely high (they should only be that warm at 100% load at stock (even with the stock cooler)), but if that screenshot is showing idle minimums, it looks like SpeedStep is disabled (or that you're using the High Performance power plan in Windows).

    Stock idle with SpeedStep enabled should be in the 0.8-0.9V range and the screen shot is showing a minimum of 1.152V. Definitely not what it should be, unless SpeedStep is disabled or you're using the High Performance power plan.

    Check that out first.
  5. All my cores are idling at 0 - 2 % when i had the screenshot taken.

    I made sure i cleaned the CPU and the heat sink with alcohol cleaners before the reapplication of thermal compound.

    Application of the compound was about the size of a grain of rice which i think should be sufficient.

    I've tried at my best to see what seems to be the issue, but i think i'm running out of things to diagnose. I'll probably
    head to town and get some arctic sliver and a CM a hyper 212 evo aftermarket cooler which has better pressure application on the chip with the clamps.
  6. That would probably be the best thing to do.

    Your room temp could affect CPU temps as the cooler would be blowing warm or cool air on the HS, how many case fans have you got?
  7. I still think you need to make sure that SpeedStep is enabled and that you're using the Balanced power plan. The Vcore should not be that high at idle (if everything is left at stock).
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