How to use radeon hd 5450 with dual dvi monitor

I need to know. Can the DVI port,VGA and HDMI work at the same time? I have been trying to make ti work and no luck...nothing.The software just not letting me run all three
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  1. You cannot use Eyefinity with that card...

    There's a model of HD5450 that is able to run it but looks like you dont have that card... To be able to use eyefinity (3monitors) your card must have a DisplayPort connector, using it will let you add a 3rd monitor.

    As I can see, your card have DVI, VGA and HDMI ports, with that configutartion you can only connect 2 monitors at time...

    Sorry but thats how Eyefinity works, only with DisplayPort.
  2. ok thanks man-- horaciopz--- Wish I could get the HDMI running though. Once I connect that it knocks out the other monitor instantly. really love to run the HDMI. Oh yeah running two video cards now dude.

    Why the heck does the HDMI knock out the monitors man? Can you help me?
  3. The typical AMD card have the HDMI share the clock with one of the DVI ports. So while you can connect to any of them at the same time, you can not make them active simultaneously.

    A special AMD card that do not share this limitation is the Sapphire Flex version cards.
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