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I'm compiling some components to put together a new PC from the ground up. I will be using the machine for gaming and also for some 3D graphics programs.

Here's the list of components I have so far:

* CASE: Corsair 300R (Already purchased) 80.00

* CPU: Intel Xeon Quad-Core E3-1230V2 (already purchased) 240.00

* Motherboard: Still not sure which one I want.

* GPU: GeForce GTX 550 Ti (cannibalized from my old machine)

* RAM: G skill 2x8 GB (already purchased) 60.00

* SSD: Intel 330 (already purchased) 140.00

* HDD: Will cannibalize my old one.

* DVD/burner: Will cannibalize my old one.

* OS: Window 7. I will be tying to used the same installation I have on my old machine because I will be trashing my old system and my Windows 7 is relatively new. So I don't want to lose it.

Now here's the question: To power all this I have a Corsair TX650W which I can also cannibalize from my old computer. The Corsair PSU is almost 4 years old so my only concern is will it have the right attachments and connectors for the new parts I'm getting? Or should I go with a new PSU?
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    You will be ok with that PSU. Dont worry :)

    650W is plenty and it does have all the connectors !
  2. Awesome! Much thanks!
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  4. No Problem .

    Good Luck!
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