So earlier I opened task manager and noticed I had only three cores, I got my new rig only a couple weeks ago. I went to mscofig and saw that I had 6 available in the number of processors, currently though 1 was selected, me being stupid of course selected 1 because I didn't want to mess anything up. I then went to BIOS (wierd BIOS I might add, I think it is the asus ez versions or something) and fiddled around with the settings there (specifically the default, power saving and high performance presets as well as the cpu core manual or automatic control) . When I went back to task manager it said I had only 1 core and only 1 core is available in mscofig. I don't know how to access or enable all the cores in bios and I have tried to reset bios to default but nothing has worked. Any advice would be appreciated espeacially for a n00b such as myself.
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  1. System restore?
  2. Is that really the only solution?
  3. Okay so I've unchecked the processor box in msconfig.exe and I'm back to 3 cores, 6 logical processors and 1 socket. My question is how will I be able to unlock the other 3 cores?
  4. 6 logical processors = six "cores".
  5. Then why does it say 3 cores? What should my msconfig settings be? Should I have the number of processors box checked or unchecked, as well what should it be set to?
  6. If you have 6 logical processors, then your CPU is firing on all cylinders.

    Try running a multi-threaded benchmark like Cinebench 11.5 and match the score you get against other 6100's.

    If you are only running 3 threads, your score will be nowhere near other people's 6100 scores.

    As to "why?"....I heard that windows 8 has started seeing the bulldozer/pile driver chips' "modules" as something other than "cores" rather than what AMD's packaging/advertising says. (Windows 7 may have had some sort of update that does this too)

    You have three pair of modules. Each pair shares resources between the two modules. So you have 3 independent "cores". Each core has two modules that share resources.
  7. Alright so it just happens be windows 8 that's doing that but what your saying is it actually is using all six cores?
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    firststealth said:
    Alright so it just happens be windows 8 that's doing that but what your saying is it actually is using all six cores?

    If it's using six logical processors, yes.

    If you run a multi-threaded benchmark, the results should leave no doubt.
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