GPU crashes playing D3 HIS iceq turbo hd6770

stock clock on the system under default diablo 3 setting it crashes. gpu temp peaks at around 60-70 deg C. MSI afterburner says its firing close to 100%.
i dropped the settings and temps went to about 55 deg C still restarts or loses signal to the screen. running at about 50-60% workload. then dropped it really low setting 20-30% (40-50 C)of the processing power and no crash. The card should handle high settings without issue any idea as to what it could be. also im using the driver from the supplied CD.
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  1. i don't know that it matters
    but i have a ASRock 970 extreme3, Fx-4100, corsair h60 cpu cooler, 8gb 1866 ddr3 g skill ram, 620watt seasonic PSU 120 gb SSD sandisk running windows 7 64 bit. cpu temps underload around 40 C.
  2. Get the newest driver from AMD site and it should work well. Install it cleanly (Remove old drivers).
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