Black screen during video card stability test.

Hi everyone

I have a laptop with a Geforce gt 425m and it gives me a black screen then shuts down (Does not restart, I have to turn the laptop on with the "on" button) after 5 seconds of Video card Stability test. This also happens while gaming or web browsing. Its not over clocked, just normal (default) clock speeds. My current solution is to underclock it, although i cant enjoy gaming really well and still crashes while gaming. I believe that its not a heat issue as the gpu's max temp is 68 degrees Celsius (41 while idling) and it crashes at 50 degrees. I am currently searching for diagnostics software to identify the problem of my gpu. Could it be that the gpu does bot have enough voltage to run base clock speeds?

Also, Could overheating gpus (Heat above 75 celsius) Create Some damage? If so, what kind of damage? And will there be a solution? I will be waiting patiently for your reply, Thank you.

Program used: Video card stability test -
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  1. Those GPU temps are fine what about CPU temps? CPU is just as likely to shut down your computer, are all your air vents clean?
  2. CPU is a i7-740qm and reaches a max of 72 degrees Celsius. Oh and I got a question, how hot is too hot for the CPU and gpu? My temperatures right now are good because I have cleaned the fan and used a high quality thermal paste. The CPU and gpu has reached 80 degrees before. I cleaned the fan but the cheap thermal paste made it worst (reached 87 while gaming). So the new high quality thermal paste I got cooled it down. Buthow will I know if I made any physical or permanent damage to the hardware? I'm quite worried that because the temps reached above 80 degrees before, it caused damage.

    I also stress test CPU and ram for an hour, did not crash. Ram reached 72 degrees max and CPU at 69 degrees max (it was cool and raining that time)
  3. Whew I guess my CPU is fine. Although I notice It says "max tdp 45w", my power goes 54w max (monitored by hwmonitor) or is tdp different from powers. Anyways my gpu has reached 85 degrees before. Is the gpu still alright? Also the voltage of the gpu goes from 0.83v (idling) to a max of 0.9v (gaming or watching), is that enough voltage to handle base clock speeds for gaming? Thanks.
  4. tdp is thermal output and is not actual electric power. The voltages you report are most likely fine but when you put on the thermal paste if you use to much it can go where it is not supposed to go and cause problems.
  5. The thermal paste I used was deepcool z9 which is really thick and hard to apply using the plastic spreader included. Although I think I put too much for the CPU (probably for the gpu as well), is there an easy way to spread a thin layer without the use of the spreader because the paste is really thick.

    The thermal paste says its not electrically conductive, does that mean I'm safe?
  6. If it is not conductive then it would not create a short.
  7. Ummm do you know any program that will allow me to see the reason why my pc crash and shut down (something like event viewer)? I really don't know what's causing my gpu to fail at default clock speeds.
  8. Clean installed drivers (301.24 now, I used driver sweeper as well). Although after the installation it says only the graphics driver and update driver was installed, the others failed. Is there something wrong?
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