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  1. go with gigabyte gtx 680 for better performance for price even its in your budget.:)

    if price doesnt matter then go with dcii top or evga sc one or twinfrozr one.:)

    twin frozr seems to be high in price better you go with evga for better customer care support and its already overclocked what u want.:)
  2. sunnk

    i think that asus has best performance or evga superclocked :)

    asus has highest core clock (1200mhz) but memory on default (6008)
    evga superclocked has 1124MHz Boost Clock and 6208 MHz memory + 198.66 GB/s Memory Bandwidth because of more meory clock :)

    idk witch is faster if compare asus oc and evga superclocked ... EVGA is just more "balanced" OC ed ^^
  3. the asus one is only good for cooling and overclocking but if u dont want to overclock your gpu then you doesnt need that asus one.:)
  4. look between evga sc and dc ii which ever one is cheaper that will be the best buy since there is not any big difference in performance between these two cards.:)
  5. so if im not overclocked and just want to have best performance ... then evga superclocked is the best deal ya ?

    but with reference desing evga superclocked won't get hot ? even if i don't oc it ?
  6. every card get littlebit hot when we are playing games or when the card is being in load.:)

    in newegg all cutomers are happy with it i think you shouldnt buy with amazon because there is about $100 more then neweggs price.:)
  7. lame .... i have to say same thing over and over again on every new thred .........

    i can't buy from newweg ! in our county there is no paypal! so only website where i can buy cards is only amazon .... and don't start to teach me ... paypal is in every country men ! not ! in my country there is no paypal !
  8. oh i think you are from us.and i m not teaching you i m giving you better suggestion.:)
  9. why dont you get this one for more less price there is not a big difference between gtx 680 and hd 7970 its about 5% difference.:)
  10. ^^its also factory oced what u want.:)
  11. Keep in mind that the ASUS DC2 is a 3 slot card, and hands down the TOP model is hands down the best 680 around, just for lower noise levels, better performance, and it runs cooler.
  12. that doesnt matter performance is what matters if the cooling and all other stuffs are great and performance of the card is dump will you buy that card.look the evga one is also the best one in gtx 680 range.just the fact is that the dc ii one is giving nice performance a bit but also taking high price a bit then evga gtx 680.evga cooling are also nice now days just the gtx 480 was an bad experience with hot issues and noise power consumption.
  13. sunnk

    i had 7970 ... and it's *** for BF3 or SKYRIM .... i got 30 fps in chopper with radeoon 7970 ....... and about 35 fps dips in skyrim ..........

    i will not buy amd anymre in my life .......

    back to 680 :)


    no im not mad... just said because all suggest me to buy from newegg :(....

    do u know witch parameter affects minimum framerate most ???

    memery clock ? core clock ? or only shaders ???

    i don't care if i will see 120 fps on my screen .. i just don't want to have dips below 40-50 on my gtx 680 ^^
  14. joaompp

    yeah and i don't plan to sli .. so such big size of card does not matter for me :)

    i never had asus cards , but i allways buy asus mainboard and never had a problem with it ^^

    5-10$ differene is nothing when you pay above 500$ :))) so i just want to take the best ^^
  15. hehe mine hd 7950 performs better then your hd 7970 i am buying both amd and nvidia's card from both i didnt have any problem or driver issues i always used that driver with my card which works perfectly whether its older one or newer.:)
  16. i got 30 fps when i was in chopper on sharqi pensiuila or gulf of oman ...

    strange.... when frined gave me gtx 590 for some time .. i did't had a problem with performance ... only 45-50 dips sometimes ........

    i have i7 950 on stock clock 3.06 ghz and 6 gb ram ... 1333mhz ....

    i think 7970 had driver problem.... because even gtx 590 was not bottlenecked by i7 950 on stock clocks and 6 gigs of ram ...

    my psu is good to .. corsair 850 ....

    my old radeon 6950 had 24 fps dips when 7970 had 26-27 sometimes but better average fps .... anyway .... i was more happy with 6950 with it's performance/price then 7970 witch costed twice more
  17. do you have hd 7970 now???
  18. Well, it's probably going to be harder to get your hands on a ASUS TOP GTX 680, I settled of the OC model since I'm so impatient (amazon recently had a couple available tonight and I'm going SLI).

    Keep in mind that EVGA's warranty has been known to be legendary, ie if your product breaks during the warranty period and they no longer manufacture it then they'll upgrade you to the next generation model of the same type...for free.
  19. if u think that that low fps and all that things only happens with ati cards then you are wrong i have seen many fps problems in tomshardware only more then hd 7970.:)

    well in my nvidia card i have downloaded new driver then it cant play one game black scrren comes then games starts but black screen then game starts all thing looks like garbage well i reinstall older driver then it works fine some time driver proclems happens with many card but you cant say that card isnt good you should try another driver i mostly keep 2-3 driver setup.:)
  20. To the OP, you can use credit cards on Newegg...did you mean to say that NewEgg won't ship to your country?

    Also, I would go with the EVGA SC one. It might run a little hotter than the dc II, but EVGA's customer support is amazing. The warranty is also very good.
  21. sunnk

    i even reinstalled windows to clean my pc from old nvidia drivers .... but does not helps .......


    yes i know but i don't live in usa... so if card will be broken i have to send it from georgia country to usa
    witch will cost for me like 80$
  22. @darksalvatore
    well EVGA and ASUS both have some of the lowest failure rates, either way wouldn't you want a brand with good warranty just in case? Would you rather have a company that told you that they wouldn't accept the failed card because you live in the country of Georgia?
  23. fudoka711

    no .. they just don't accept our credit cards !!! yes strange !! but true !!!


    read please ....i have't said that they don't acept ... but i have to send card back to usa from gerogia country ... and it will cost for me 85$ .... does not matter witch brand i will take ........ but just hope that i will not use thier warranty witch will cost a lof for me because im from geogia ...
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