Is this my cpu's fault?

My computer started freezing and wouldn't respond to anything but a hard reset. Now it will not boot. There is no post beeps, and I've done a few steps. I have tried out each one of my ram sticks one at a time, removed video card all to no post or boot. I noticed my hard drive did not spin at all during any of my trouble shooting steps. All fans came on but no hard drive spinning. I finally got around to removing my CPU and the hard drive started spinning, put CPU back in and no hard drive spin. Tested two hard drives same results both time. I'm running an Asus M3A motherboard with an AMD phenom x3. So is it my CPU or is it a bad mobo?
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  1. Does your mobo have a speaker to make beeps?

    If it does, it should give you error beeps without the cpu in it. Since it is not giving you beeps it seems to indicate that it might be your mobo.
  2. Its going to be difficult to pinpoint the exact culprit without having extra parts to swap. From what you have mentioned, I'd say it could be, the power supply, motherboard, or your processor. Not saying that it cant happen, but I am unaware of any way the motherboard, processor present or not, can stop the hard drives from spinning up once the power supply is turned on. You could always disconnect the sata cable to verify this. It's possible the power supply is faulty being overloaded when the processor is present. But that takes us back to the three main components previously mentioned. Do you have another power supply you can try?
  3. I don't have any spare parts laying around. I've got spare pentium processors but no AMD's. I've got spare psu's but the connectors don't match up. No spare mobo's either. I'm going to have to purchase whatever I may think to problem is to test it out.
  4. Time for an upgrade?
  5. nah it's still a good pc, all my spare parts are older then justin bieber.
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