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I have a ATI radeon 5570 2gb graphic card...when i used 2 play for first like crysis 2 and stuff....i played them with ULTRA high graphics and it everything worked really great!!!! even world of wrcrft lags!!! i had a gap of around 4-5 months where my pc was moved somewhere else and when i formatted windows and installed all the lags the hell out of games...What do i do?..please help..and just that i dint install drivers from cd..i installed em online...does that really matter?
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  1. When you moved it, maybe something got loose. Try to open your PC & make sure all cables are plugged properly. If possible, reseat the graphic card and check again.
  2. Dude u sure u played Crysis 2 at Ultra settings on a 5570 ? I doubt that..At What resolution ?
  3. The 5570 can't play Crysis 2 on Ultra, unless you didn't install any of the eye candy patches and are running it at a really low resolution. It's a cheap budget card, that's simply not what it was ever intended to do.

    As far as your "graphics lag" you'll need to be more precise. What framerate are you getting, and what do you expect it to be? What is your resolution? What settings are you using in WoW?
  4. Give us your WOW settings. Screen resolution, graphics settings, any specialized filters/encoding.
    Check the web/ATI's site for newer drivers for your card.
  5. With that card Even w/o the DX11 and High Res tex pack that Game (Crysis 2) wont be playabe at ultra, at 1024 MAY, Just MAYBE be, but then again are u gaming on a 15" screen >??
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