What do I need more BANDWITH or LATENCY?(RAM)

In the case of RAM what do I need More BANDWITH or LATENCY?
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  1. More bandwidth, less latency.


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  2. Some definitions for you:

    Bandwidth - Whether it refers to FSB, memory or internet transmission, bandwidth is the rate at which data travels through a medium. MHz or Bps, more is better.

    Latency -
    Latency (also called CAS Latency)
    The amount of time in nanoseconds (often measured in clock cycles) between a request to read the memory, and when it is actually output. SDRAMs are typically referred to as CL2 or CL3, with CL2 parts being faster.

    So less is better.

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  3. But if you're wondering whether it'd be more beneficial to go to 150MHz from 133, or to from CAS3 to CAS2, then it'd be better to go to CAS2.

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