Which laptop is better- hp dv6 6165tx or hp dv6 7010tx for gaming?

which laptop is better hp dv6 6165tx with i7 and 2gb raedon hd 6770 or dv6 7010tx with i7 and 2gb nvidia gt 630m? If anyone can suggest better gaming laptop it ll be very helpful. I have to buy 1 next week... So pls reply asap.
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  1. gt 630m
  2. 6770M.
  3. Good god never buy an HP.
  4. what is your budget?
  5. around 60,000 rs.
  6. anikesh102 said:
    around 60,000 rs.

    indian or pakistani?
  7. indian.
  8. anikesh102 said:

    ok, then 6770m is better.
  9. I've seen alot of bad HP computers, in the past I've owned a very powerful 'specced' hp computer that ran like absolute crap due to cut corners (such as slow HDD). I would consider brands like Asus over HP any day of the week.
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