Quick question about graphics card and RAM

I'll be upgrading soon (waiting on a refund through pay-pal) I'll probably be getting a 6750 or 6670 both w/ 1gb gddr5 (depends on prices when I go to buy), and upgrading from 3 to 4 gb of ram.

I'm currently running windows 7 64-bit, but my mobo only supports 4gb of ram. As of right now I have 2.75/3.00 gb of useable ram (1/4 of a gb being used by onboard graphics). Which brings me to my question. When I upgrade will I have 3.00/4.00 gb? or will I be up to 4.00/4.00GB of useable ? or maybe 3.75/4.00? OR will it still be 2.75/4.00? :O

Sorry kinda new to the whole computer mechanics seen. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    When you get your graphics card you won't be using the onboard GPU, so any System RAM your PC has will be usable.

    So your PC will have 1GB of VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) on the GPU, and 4GB of System RAM.
  2. You'll be fine and the RAM will not be used by the graphics card. So it will be 4GB/4GB.
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