EVGA GeForce GTX 680 OC vs Gigabyte GTX 670

I have found them both for allmost the same price. Should i get the 680 for the extra chip and more power.

But what about the cooling, noise and livetime?
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  1. i think you meant gtx 670 oc vs gtx 680 ................
  2. darksalvatore said:
    i think you meant gtx 670 oc vs gtx 680 ................

    Yea your right....

    Its just that the danish price webpages calls it a 680


    And some of the companys also call it a 680, with a 670 engine.....WTF

    Thanks then i will grap the gigabyte
  3. hm .... i will plan to buy new gpu ... after 1-2 weeks max and i think gtx 670 SOC for 420$ is the best deal .. brand does not matter for me but it will perform same as gtx 680 .. maybe 2% less only ....
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