Gtx 580 vs 750W Corsair TX750 Power Supply

Hi guys, im thinking about upgrading to a Gtx 580, and i know the recommendations for the card via Nvidia are around the 500-550, but these are normally very underestimated, so i was wondering if this power supply would efficiently be able to handle the Gtx 580, or if its worth upgrading?

Thanks guys.

750W Corsair TX750 V2
80 PLUS® Bronze
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  1. Hi

    A TX750 is more than enough for a GTX 580.

    See this review:

    Their test system + A GTX580 uses just over 400W under load.
  2. As Nvidia site says it needs 500/550W only.

    On the other hand if you intend to overclock and SLI your card, them I recommend you to get a 850W PSU.
  3. Thanks for the fast replys, yeah im more so going to keep this as a single card, but in the future i will SLI the cards, and upgrade the PSU.
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