Oppinion's Please!!! u3011?

Hey all,

i'm being very indecisive right now and dunno what to go for..

I want to get a new monitor..

I'm considering getting the Dell u3011. I currently use a 27" with a 24" dummy monitor.. (2 displays)

i would be downgrading only to 1 monitor but many ppl say the u3011 is big enough because of the res difference and u can have forums or w/e else u want open along with a game ur playing in the 1600's reso whise..

i was going to say screw it and just go get it, but now im thinking if i should go with 2 27's .. My current 27' is only 1080p but perhaps go with the japaneese IPS panels that they are 2560x1440??

It would be probally the same money for (1) u3011 or (2) Japaneese Monitors with high reso.

At the end of the day even though people are saying they are good monitors, they are still no guarantee on them.

Also the next thing is would be computer be able to run 2 of those monitors without drastic performance changes??

currently use 2 gtx 480's wiith my overclocked i7 2600k at 4.5

please take a moment and drop your 2 cents in on if you think i should go for the 1 u3011 or 2 high res 27 inch ips pannels :)

thanks for your time
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  1. if you guys were wondering what i use the monitors for...

    Hardcore Gaming, Movies, Video Editing, and etc
  2. cmon guys i know your reading the post.. please gimme some oppinions!
  3. BUMP
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