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Which is more important gpu clock speed or stream processors

Which one is better..???

1. Nvidia GT 440: 2GB, DDR3, 810MHz, 96 Stream processors
2. AMD Radeon HD 6450: 2GB, DDR3, 625MHz, 160 Stream Processors

Which is more important, GPU clock Speed or No of Stream Processors..???
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    The two GPU's you have listed use completely different architecture,

    For example: A stream processor from a GT440 is not equal to a stream processor from a HD6450.

    The only effect way to compare GPU's is to look at reviews.

    Have a look at this HD6450 review:,2920.html

    As you can see even the GT430 is faster than the HD6450 so we can safely assume the GT440 will be even faster still.
  2. We can't decide on clocks and stream processor in these two cards. What we can decide is by performance, how? By looking at the reviews. In your case the 440 will mop the 6450. To be honest I have no Idea why you are comparing these two cards, because they are totally from different levels. The 6450 is priced below $50 and the 440 is about $75. If you want something more comparable to the 440 I suggest the 6670.
  3. Cant really compare clocks speeds or steam processors. If it was the same series like for example:

    HD5830 800/1000mhz 1120 Steam processors
    HD5850 725/1000mhz 1440 Steam Processors
    HD5870 850/1200mhz 1600 Steam Processors

    HD6870 900/1050mhz 1120 Steam Processors
    The 6870 is faster than the stock 5850, but the 5870 is faster than the 6870. Clock speed is nothing, same with Steam Processors, UNLESS they are the from the same series like the 58xx, they usually have the same chip and are made the same.
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