CPU questions! Help please?

So I'm getting my first gaming rig and I just have some questions about the CPU aspect of it all. Here's my setup of the core components so far:

CPU: Intel i5 3570k
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950
PSU: Corsair 750W
RAM: Patriot Viper 3 8GB 1866 MHz

1) So I want to overclock my CPU to somewhere above 4 GHz. Maybe 4.2 - 4.5 GHz range. Is this resonable?
2) If I am able to OC that high, what would be a good AIR cooler. Right now I am looking at the Hyper 212 Evo. I don't want to bother with liquid cooling and the risk of leaks and all that
3) Will the mother board I have selected support an OC that high?
4) What is all of the thermal paste I am seeing? What does it do?

Also, if you have any suggestions to my build, please tell me! I'm just trying to keep it below $1250 - $1300 and I plan on getting it around the end of December or the beginning of January.
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  1. i would suggest that you invest in a good air cooler like a 50 to 75 dollar one not just because your overclocking but just the fact your running a 4 GHz processor.....But liquid cooling is great for overclocking and you can buy non conductive coolant that doesn't fry your parts i have it on my set up and it sprung a leak once cause i was working to fast and not taking my patience on it and i leaked on my mother board and cpu for a whole 24 hours and it didnt fry anything
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    123man is, well... I dunno.

    I have that motherboard, that processor, and a Hyper 212+ with an aftermarket fan on it. It has about the performance of an EVO, and got me to 4.4GHz with ease - I haven't come close to dangerous temps. (Part of that is thanks to the board, though. I'm running only a 1.18vcore.)

    Liquid cooling is great, but only if it's real liquid cooling - doing one of the closed-loop coolers is about the stupidest things you can do.

    Oh, and just a thing? Intel gets NO benefit off of ram faster than 1600MHz. The sweet spot is 1600MHz with CAS latency of 9 or 7.

    EDIT: Thermal paste is to put between two metal surfaces (I.E. the CPU and the heatsink) to fill cracks and facilitate heat transfer. I personally LOVE Arctic MX-4, it's miles better than Arctic Silver 5.
  3. Dark stable i can see where your coming from its just i would hate to see someone over heat there all really depends on your budget and the time your willing to take to make sure everything is just just that he or she has never oc'ed a cpu and 4 GHz i pushing alot for the i5 investing in a good cooling system is completely necessary:P
  4. 4GHz is barely pushing an i5 - the point where you start pushing one is around 4.5, and/or a vcore of 1.3.

    Never overclocking makes it harder, (though he didn't actually say that, but it's a reasonable assumption) but only aiming for 4.2 GHz... I mean, half the time that chip can get 4.2 GHz without even touching the voltages.
  5. OP, if you really want to play it safe, get a Noctua -d14. Just keep in mind that it's made to achieve somewhat insane overclocks - it's one of the most powerful air coolers out there. It'll set you back about $80.

    If you're looking at water cooling... (remember, prefab water coolers are worse than air coolers and more prone to breaking and WILL hurt your computer when they do) Well, a basic watercooling setup starts at $100, goes up to $200, and grows exponentially if you want to cool your graphics cards / want even better performance.
  6. ^For sure. I don't believe there was ever a question of working with a stock heatsink. Personally, I like Hyper 212 EVO the OP was considering - it's got a lot better cooling performance, and vents air towards rear exhaust, instead of straight up at the side panel.
  7. i agree a buddy of mine has it and had no problem in heat at all
    and that was after he oc'ed it.i personally like water cooled systems just for the fun and it gives the peace of mind that i have loads of head room for my cpu
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