Damaged Cpu?

Hello, So this morning i decided to replace my CPU thermal.

ive been having alot of reboots and started idling at 50-55C for the last 2-3Months.

so i took of the cpu Cooler and i have 4 heat pipes. one of them wasnt touching thermal at all and the 2 in the middle were fine and the last one barley had any but had some. (note its been running like that for a whole YEAR, Going through mass gaming to lol)

so i replaced it and it took down to 47-48C sometimes a little lower. so i decided to look if i got all the heat pipes and replaced it again with the same result.

but i remember the first time i applied a year ago when i built this pc, it it was siting around 38-42C until i started running alot of video games and getting reboots.

could it be damaged? because it shouldn't be this high
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    No, it is not damaged. Might be the room is warmer than it was a year ago. Might have a little dust in the cooler now. Either way, temps are fine.
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