Intel q9400 vs Intel e5800

Hi, i have a fairly old mobo and i'm limited to LGA 775 socket and currently have a Pentium dual core e5800. I was wondering if getting an Intel core 2 quad q9400 would be a noticeable upgrade for gaming. Thanks for your time in advance =)
I was also wondering if my pentium e5800 would bottleneck a gtx 650? And if so, would it be noticeable
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    It really depends on the game and if you can overclock or not. The Q9400 is a 2.66Ghz chip while the E5800 is 3.2Ghz. So in most games you will lose performance due to the loss of clockspeed. Only a few games will perform better on a lower clocked quad than a higher clocked dual.

    With a good motherboard and an aftermarket CPU cooler the Q9400 should overclock to ~3.5Ghz making it a better chip than a stock E5800. That being said an E5800 should hit ~4Ghz easily with the same board and cooler.

    Honestly I would not spend money on a platform that old. Save the money for a full upgrade. The games that really need a quad core CPU need a powerful one for the most part.
  2. Thank you! How would i go about overclocking the e5800?
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  4. What motherboard do you have? And CPU cooler?
  5. Here is a very good guide. The first thing you need is aftermarket cooling.
  6. Im not sure what mobo i have. It was what came with my PC. Its a lenovo ideacentre k300. And the cpu cooler is just a stock fan.
  7. If you have a motherboard from an OEM like Lenovo you are not going to be able to overclock. They lock the BIOS to prevent it. They want you to buy a new computer not get more performance out of the one you have. It also prevents people from overclocking with stock cooling and killing their CPUs. Sorry.
  8. Dang that's unfortunate. Do you think that my system would bottleneck a GTX 650 seeing as i'm not able to OC my processor...
  9. No, I think a GTX 650 would be fine. You will encounter some games that just do better with a quad core CPU but that's different from a bottleneck. Most of your FPS type games really need a fast quad. Games like the Battlefield and Call of Duty series.
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