AMD FX-8320 vs Intels i5's? Help please

How would the fx-8320 do matched up with a 7870 when it comes to gaming compared to the i5 CPUs? I will be doing A lot of gaming as well as recording my gameplay.

The 8320 currently sits at 161$

Thanks for the help!!
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More about 8320 intels please
  1. the i5 2500k is best for gaming, but if price is an issue i hear fx 6300 is best for gaming out of amd's camp
  2. How is the i5 3350p compared to the fx 6300 and would the 6300 bottleneck at all with a 7870 or a 7950?
  3. i5-3470 or i5-3570 should be the best gaming CPUs at the price right now. They're better than everything AMD has when it comes to gaming.
  4. If you are on a very tight budget go with AMD, if you can stretch a bit more go with intel. In any case you will definitely get enough juice what you pay for and won't be disappointed. There will be no sensible bottleneck in either way ( AMDs might give you some 10 FPS less in some titles but i don't believe that it will affect your experience in the end)
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