Shouldn't these work together?

So I bought the following :

Shouldn't these two work together? Or did I miss a small detail?

I tried putting these 2 together with 8GB of DDR3 and it wouldn't boot.
I tried every amount of trouble shooting I could possibly find it just wouldn't boot for me. So I am assuming the motherboard is defective.

I have built a few computers, so I have some prior experience in building.
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  1. Assuming that you have installed everything correctly, I would advise you to double check the ram. If you have two cards running at different voltages, the system might not boot. install one ram card first and then try.
  2. Any reaction at all when you try to boot? Or is it just dead?
  3. Nothing happens what so ever.

    2 LED's worked on the motherboard but it would not boot.

    Also I did try 1 stick of ram, no ram, all ram. Nothing happend.

    I tried with and without GPU's as well.
  4. If you are confident, try testing ur PSU like this

    what are the rest of the items except CPU and mobo that u give the link ?

    Maybe your ram is more then 1600MHz and not in the Asus's Qualify vendor list for memory, u might need to change them.
  5. Your signs generally indicate to a ram problem or a video card problem did you try it out with another cable
  6. Any beeping sounds? To check your motherboard manual for meanings?
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