Building system for Planetside2

I am building a system focused on playing planetside2 as a baseline so you can see its only for high end gaming.

I am using to build my new unit but i need to know how well its built besides asking someone that would try and sell me more upgrades that i might not need.

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    Here, check out this build. I changed up a few things that I thought would be much better.

    You honestly don't need the i7 3770k if all you're gonna be doing is gaming. The i5 3570k will be just as good. If you don't plan on doing heavy video editing/rendering then you may as well save the $100 and go for the i5.

    The Asus mobo is way overpriced. The asrock board i picked out for you is just as good, if not better.

    You don't need RAM with those clocks. 1600mhz gets the job done. You won't notice any difference.

    I decided to stick with the original case you had. At this point, it's all about personal preference. If you want a recommendation, I'd go with either the cooler master haf 922 or the corsair 650d.

    I decided to completely change the PSU. It's a good wattage, but the brand isn't very reliable. Go with either the corsair I recommended, or it's seasonic equivalent.

    No need for the H60. It's overpriced and you're not gonna get that much more performance out of it than the hyper 212 evo I recommended. Grab an extra 120mm fan and put the 212 evo in a push/pull configuration.

    Once again I do not like ocz. They aren't very reliable. I'd go with the corsair 240gb ssd. You get faster speeds and more storage.

    With your budget, go with a 1tb caviar black. No need for RAID 0 with the HDDs at this point...especially with your 240gig SSD. =)

    For the GPU, go with the gigabyte gtx 680. Its custom cooler will allow you to overclock the card much better as well as keep temps as low as possible whilst gaming.

    Just grab a cheap dvd burner; they all do the same thing. :)

    Found you the same asus monitor for $180 on Newegg :)

    I'd also recommend you get the logitech g110 gaming keyboard. Excellent keyboard, reliable, and it has backlit keys...what more could you want? =D

    I believe you'll be much happier with the razer deathadder gaming mouse. Adjustable sensitivity, looks great, overall great mouse.

    One more thing, I'd recommend you download Microsoft Security Essentials for your antivirus. It's light weight on your computer and best of all it's free. You may want to download malwarebytes anti malware and use it in conjunction with MSE. Just run this scan every month or so. It'll catch whatever microsoft security essentials doesn't. You'll have to manually update it, although that isn't really much of a problem if you only run it every now and then.

    Good luck; hope this helps :)
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