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A couple of weeks ago, this started happening. The very first startup of each day that I turn on the computer it makes this weird buzzing noise then it goes away after being on for two minutes. If I turn off the computer and start it up again the noise isn't there so it only happens at the very first startup of the day. I took it out today to clean it thinking it was the dust since I haven't cleaned it since I built it earlier this year back in May. But when I started it up, the noise was still there. I looked at all the fans, nothing seems to be between the blades that could be causing the noise and I use a SSD so it wouldn't be that right? What could be the cause of the noise?
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  1. sounds like the coil in the psu
  2. darren0000 said:
    sounds like the coil in the psu

    Is this a bad thing for the PSU? If so, should I replace it as soon as possible?
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