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So I've been having this issue off and on again since I built my rig in early September and now that I've finally picked up Skyrim and am modding the ever loving crap out of it the issue has returned. I have a Corsair GS700w PSU and at first I thought the fan didn't work since when I powered it on nothing happened. I soon realized that was actually an advertised to reduce noise. Cool, so when it draws more power then the fan kicks on. Good concept. I think mine may be faulty since after a bit of gameplay the fan tries to spin up but just can't quite seem to do it. It spins a rotation or two then just makes a whining noise that can get quite annoying. At first I thought it was coil whine but after watching the fan for awhile I'm for sure it is the reason. Could it be a faulty temperature sensor? Or just a faulty fan? I've thrown caution to the wind and played with it like this for a few hours at a time on multiple occasions because I'm not very smart but there doesn't seem to be a problem since as a precaution I put the exhaust near an open screen door (FINALLY winter comes in handy) but now I've changed up my room orientation so that the PC doesn't have a nature-inspired cooling system anymore so I'm thinking I should get to the bottom of the issue, and if it is a serious issue RMA it to Corsair or just replace it since I'm considering stepping up to a larger PSU anyway for future proofing reasons. Thoughts people?
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  1. 700w should be enough for any set up. are u overclocking the hell out of it?
  2. No OC'ing on the cpu no, graphics card yes. 660 Ti is what I've got
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