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My question was about what kind of powersuplly (howmanny watt's) i would need with a new graphic card.

I want to play black ops 2 on like mid/max settings.

and which one should i buy ? HD 6870/5870/5850

My pc's specs ar :

processor : Intel duo 2 E6600
Motherboard : intel dp965lt
I got 3 gigs ddr2
and i got a Nvidia geforce 8500gt for now. and i just miss a couple fps on multiplayer, for a game without anny lagg.
atm a power supply of 350 watt
1 cd drive i rarely use,
and like 3 usb ports which im using for mouse keyboard and webcam.

if im forgetting some info please ask

Thanks in advance.
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    Any of those cards will be a big improvement, and the 6870 is obviously the better of them. The quality of the PSU is very important, say corsair, seasonic, ocz, about 500w. Keep in mind you CPU et. al. is old and aging so start planning your upgrade, you will find it if the slowest part after you get the new card.
  2. Thanks for your quik awnser, I'm buyin the following psu :Xion- 630 watt, and yes Iam planning to do an upgrade in the future, for now I want to be able to play bo2 :p
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