Need Help For My Pc Upgrade.

Current Rig

Cpu: Phenom x4 965
Gpu: Msi TwinFrz III 570Gtx
Moba: MSI 790FX-GD-70
HDD: 2TB Seagate 7200rpm
Corsair 750w Power Supply
Ram: 4GB Kingsgate 1333mh
Monitor : LG W2361v

i Have around 800euro for the upgrade.
I'm from greece.If you can find me good upgrades,for gaming(bf3,wow and most of the new demanding games.)will love some suggestions.The sites i can use are and Tnx in advance for the help/suggestions. <3 the community here.
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  1. Any1?
  2. Adding an SSD would be a good upgrade for boot times, software load times, and map/save loading in games. A 120GB Vertex 4 or Samsung 830 would be a good buy. For graphics cards, there's not massive room for improvement there to justify the cost really. If you do replace that card, I'd go right up to a GTX670 so you have a performance gain worth spending money on. Alternatively, add another GTX570 in SLI, but be aware the performance may not be as consistent as that of a single GPU and could result in visual glitches in some games.
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