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Best unlined monitor? How is the Viewsonic G220F?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
June 21, 2003 2:12:04 AM

I spend upwards of 60 hours per week in front of my monitor programming, surfing, image editing, and soon gaming and video production. I demand serious quality (sharpness, brightness, saturation, color accuracy, detail, convergence, etc...) and am allergic to the thin lines on aperature grill monitors.

My trusty Viewsonic 17 has served me extremelly well the last 10 years and still has better quality than most monitors I see on Joe user's desktop. I credit it for preserving my (still perfect) eyesight and sanity over all the sleepless nights this past decade.

Reading recent reviews, it appears Viewsonic's lower cost monitors might be crap, but I'm hoping their top of the line monitors are still awesome. I was considering the Viewsonic G220f monitor, but haven't seen any reviews of it. Does anyone know anything about this monitor?

What about any other unlined (ie non aperature grill) monitors that might make me happy?

I'm willing to spend up to $1000 to buy the best 20+ inch unlined CRT monitor I can find. I don't need integrated speakers, just the best display available. If someone could point out a flat panel that can match the best CRTs in all areas then I'll gladly pay double for that, but I think flat panels still need a couple of years to catch up to CRTs.

-)----- Besjon

PS For Tom's reviewers, please include the *absolute best* monitors from the various manufacturers in the next big screen comparison. Putting the Viewsonic G810 in the 5-Aug-2002 roundup was dissapointing considering the G220f was available at the time.
June 24, 2003 7:07:56 PM

I just want to go on record that I like the budget Viewsonic E95, 19" shadow mask monitor. It's not flat but it has decent features and quality output for a budge monitor.

I don't know if there is an equivalent 21" shadow mask monitor from Viewsonic.

I do recall that Cornerstone has one shadow mask monitor (21") in their professional series line-up. Don't know much about it except it is a flat shadow mask monitor. You might want to investigate this.

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