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I'm sure you're getting this question a lot but I was unable to find it - I just purchased a toshiba laptop with Windows 8 and want to install Windows 7. I bought an OEM System Builder Pack Windows 7 Home Premium (accidentally - I think.) Will this work or do I need to buy the retail version? I'm a novice at this stuff - thanks for any replies.
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  1. Just curious have you tried on Windows 8 as that is what kept me from downgrading back to 7.
  2. You can use the OEM ver.
    The only diff on OE Win 7 vs Retail is in the Lic.
    OEM is tied to the MB that it is first installed on. So if you Upgraded the MB you would need a New Lic. If MB dies you are OK.
    Retail can be moved and only restriction is that it can only be installed on one computer.
    Other diff is uSoft does not provide any troubleshooting telephone assistance for OEM.
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