Wich SCSI card for an old HD?

I had (it's now defunct) a 386 from Unisys with a Micropolis (they're defunct now, too) SCSI-1 HDD.

Recently I thought of making use of that drive again. I sought for information about it on the Net (it definitively supports only the SCSI-1 interface, not even a narrow SCSI-II). And about the SCSI interface itself, truly complex as it may be.

But what I haven't been able to do is determining which type of PCI SCSI bus card would fit my needs best; not uselessly excesive, nor too limited for using it with possible more modern SCSI drives.

Should I buy the self-labeled "for SCSI cd" type of card? Are they any different from cards that also are SCSI-1 and made by the same manufacturer (Adaptec,Symbios...)? Is there any point in favouring the strangely cheap ultra (2)wide SCSI (40-80 Mb/s) range of cards, thinking about adding possible less obsolete drives ? What about lacking a bios?

I've been looking around and made a selection, among the most basic line:
- Adaptec AVA-2904CD
- Symbios SYM20810
- and, by Advansys... a card, ... well... their site is unreachable just as I am writing this post (they CAN'T be defunct, TOO, can they? Pheow... a truly macabre post, this)

Any suggestions? (they certainly will be merrier and shorter than this slow-death--prone piece of epistolar junk)

Thanks in advance for your patience.
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  1. Ack! SCSI-1? I wasn't aware anything of that kind still existed! Not sure if it's even worth considering. You'd only get 5 MB/s max with it.

  2. let me just add my ¢2. There might be a problem because many of that SCSI-1 standard commands were optional, and no guarantee that a particular peripheral even marked as SCSI-1 would support the harddrive.
  3. I've never had a drive not work on either my 2940 or 2940UW. I think they support all standard SCSI 1 and 2 drives.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  4. Any of the Adaptec AHA-15xx cards will work just fine for that and they can be bought for a couple of dollars at the most at second hand computer stores.

  5. Just an aside...WOW!...you certainly know how to express yourself...you should put that talent to work with fiction.

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