Installing new GPU. Questions about PSU

System Specs-

Windows 7 HP (64bit)
Intel Core i7-2600 Quad Core 3.4Ghz
8GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM (2 DIMMs)
NVidia 1GB 192Bit GTX 550 TI (About to Install an MSI GTX 660)

The HP rep and other people have said that replacing the 550ti with the 660 shouldnt over power my system based on my PSU. I, like any other person, dont really trust The big Manufacturers. My question is do you think that this would over power my system? Ive done research myself, but some PSUs have 1 12V+ Rails. some 2 and some 4 so Im a bit confused......

Apart from the 3.3v and 5v I have---

12V(A) 16Amps
12V(B) 18Amps
12V(C) 12Amps
12V(D) 10Amps

Is this enough you think? Apart from everything else, PSU are NOT my strong point and I dont wanna damage any equipment......
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  1. Well that GTX 660 consumes less than 140W.

    So i think your psu should be enough.

    A minimum 450W or greater PSU with at least 24 Amps on the +12V rail.

    I recently installed a Hd 7750 to my friend PC. He has an HP computer with 550W PSU and till now its doing fine.

    Hope it as good as yours.

    Anw i still dont like that PSU.

    XFX/Corsair/Seasonic are the kings.

    Maybe you would like to upgrade to this :

    Antec Vp 450 dominnate the low end PSU line.

    It has a golden award and will do very well for 30$.

    IMO you should get it .

    Good luck !
  2. Yeah, Its kinda hard to figure out what the total amperage is on the +12V rail. By the way its listed on the side of the PSU (And my lack of Knowledge in PSUs) it says.

    12V(A) 16Amps
    12V(B) 18Amps
    12V(C) 12Amps
    12V(D) 10Amps

    I cant tell if this is 4 Separate rails. Or If this is 1 Rail. Using many o the calculations on this post

    By doing many of the calculations provided by his post
    and I quote (Adding in my own values to the calculations)

    "Some people say you take the total number of watts and divide it by 12V
    (600W/12V = 50 Amps)

    "others say you take the total number of watts multiplied by the PSU's efficiency divided by 12V"
    [(600W x 0.82)/12V = 41Amps)]

    "Some people say you take the total number of watts that the 12V rail(s) can use" (On the side of my case it says 600W tho It has nothing listed for the rail and/or Rail(s))"
    (600W/12V = 50Amps)

    So do I have 50Amps? 41Amps? So confusing.......... I dont want to damage the PSU or any of my equipment....
  3. Even if u have 41 or 50 Amps that GPU need 24 amps so you are ok.

    Keep in mind my last post :)
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