PC turn on intermittently after lightning strike

My PC turn on intermittently after lightning strike.

Sometimes it will turn on fine. Device manager shows all is fine.

Sometimes nothing will appear on the screen, can't enter BIOS at all. The fan and hard disk will just spin but no display on monitor at all.

Any advice?
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  1. New PSU needed I would suggest.
  2. Planning to order the refurbished PSU from ebay.


    If I put the PC to stand by or hibernate without turning off the power plug, I can boot every time.

    But once i pull out the power plug and try to boot, the PC will not start/enter BIOS
  3. It looks like you have the same problem with me, after my mobo get strucked by lightning, It just randomly start on itself after I turned it off.
    From my opinion the problem didn' come from the PSU, since it looks like your motherboard experience some problems.
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