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hi when im playing a pc game like mw3 on my pc i see lines when going up my screen when is on video part of the game it happends to all the games i play i have a nvidia geforce gtx 460 people said it could be i need to turn on v-sync but i dont know how to do that what can i do to get rid of them i have windows 7 64 bit i5 processor and 12 gig of ram can your help will be appreciated
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  1. Hi

    To force V-sync on in all games, right click on the desktop, select nvidia control panel, click "manage 3D settings", then select "global settings", scroll down to Vertical Sync and then select force on.
  2. ^^ exactly.

    I'm not exactly sure how it interacts with in game v-sync but if it still happens, just try the game's graphics options menu. It should just be a checkbox or something similar.
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