Need help with AMD Build.

Well ive decided not do make an intel Computer. because most likely, i will not be upgrading this one. So ive decided to go with AMD.

My Budget is 500ish and i would like to have the Radeon 6870 and the AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz. so i need help with my motherboard,psu,ram, and HDD. Please help.
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    what parts will you need and which country. telling you now that intel beats amd at any price point other than super low end. plus amd uses more power. if you arent upgrading, intel makes even more sense since you cant anyways and that you might as well start off with higher performing hardware.

    after overclocking on fx, you still only get the performance of a i3 2120 which isnt really worth the effort.

    if you are to get AMD, get the phenom x4 965 as it beats the fx chips easily
  2. ok i guess ill do a intel build nvm
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  4. do you want me to configure one for you because i can do it on the fly
  5. what parts do you not requre
  6. i already have my SSD and Optical Drive
  7. what is the SSD model.
  8. here you go. if you have 50 dollars more, id suggest getting a i3 2120 instead of the pentium chip as it can do a much better job. the pentium is still better than the fx

    also, do you happen to be 14 or 15?
  9. 17 :L
  10. oh and i already have windows 7 64 bit
  11. Samsung 830 Series 128GB is the SSD
  12. ok then. you can fit the i3 and a nicer graphics card and more memory
  13. dang. how much was the SSD?
  14. idk my brother gave it to me since he bought another one
  15. ok then. get the build as i suggested
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