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Ok, up until a couple of weeks ago I have had generally very good wifi reception in my home. Then a couple of weeks ago, the Xbox360 in my bedroom started dropping connection with Netflix. It would be fine for about a half hour to hour then it would drop the connection and even sometimes lock up the entire Xbox360. I figured it was over heating so I took it apart and blew out all of the dust (not a lot). Same thing. So, I figured the Xbox's wireless adapter was going bad. I moved the Xbox into the living room within about 25' of the router and in direct line of sight. It still drops Netflix just not quite as often.

So, I moved the PS3 into the bedroom, and started watching Netflix there. Same thing! I had never really had problems with it prior to this. I mean it would almost never drop connection and would only occasionally drop from HD to SD picture.

I sat on the phone with Time Warner Tier 3 tech support for about two hours while we changed channels, etc etc. Nothing got it resolved. I went out and got a new Router from Time Warner. Got home set it up same thing. I downloaded and ran inSSIDer and found two other networks in my area on channel 1 and one on channel 6. Nothing on 11 so I switched to that. Same problem.

Any clue what can be going on? How can I figure out what the problem is?

TL;DR: PS3 and Xbox360 both start dropping Netflix over wifi after a half hour to hour or so, then faster and faster as I continue to reconnect. Nothing has really changed in relative postion/new devices.

As a side note I am just about ready to give up on the whole Wireless thing, run a cable into the attic, mount a second router or a Hub and run wires to everything else. That may be for a new thread later.
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  1. Did you happen to change any service with Time Warner? Just asking because when i did i had inconsistent speeds myself until the end of the month i switched it in. Seems they did not flip the switch to my new upgraded service until they were going to start billing it. And although i was getting the same speeds as my previous plan, the speed tests on their site were all over the place between 17MB and 6MB depending on time of day.

    Have you run a speed test a few times during a day on Time Warner's website?
  2. I have not changed any services. I did that have problem a while back. They had the Wifi enabled code assigned to one of my DVR's... lol I can have my laptop or my wife's netbook in the same room as the PS3, but even further from the router, and can consistently pull down 18+Mbps down and 1.9+ up. The PS3 will even hit 7 down and 1.5 up with its own built in Speed Test.

    Also, as a note, resetting the PS3 (or the Xbox360) will let them run again for a little while before they start dropping/locking up. Then it will get progressively worse.

    Thank you for the fast reply Steimy!
  3. That is odd so i am trying to think of what it could be (out of the millions of things that could go wrong). I also have Time Warner, and also have a PS3 and Xbox 360 which i used to stream Netflix with (before they split their packages and raised pricing and i dropped them :non: ). But i still stream things from the PC through TVersity just fine.

    I also use to use them when on vacation visiting my mom and her DSL was awful, and that is the only time i used to get an sort of issues with Netflix hanging up on me (where it has the bar filling and says it is adjusting picture quality or something like that.

    Next question i guess would be do you have a secure wireless network (needing a key and passphase to get online). If not i would enable that and put all the settings in the PS3 and Xbox. If you have an open network then someone around you could be leaching off of your signal.
  4. Yes, I have it secured. I love on a pretty big piece of property and the only houses close enough to me to even get my signal seem to have their own networks. I have checked for mac address on my network and only my equipment is showing up. I also have everything assigned a static IP address. Hrmmm, maybe I should check that the IP addresses are not overlapping somehow. Though usually only one the PS3 or Xbox are on at once, plus the Wife's netbook. I will have to check that when I get home. Could that be causing the problem or would it just state it has an IP conflict?

    Again, thanks for the fast response.
  5. Possible, i always go with DHCP for all my stuff. And i am connecting wireless with the two game systems, a laptop and a wireless gaming adapter for a second laptop (and an Iphone).

    Just so many of the obvious things don't seem to be the problem. Signal strength is good on the laptops in the same areas, the signal is secure, You just got a new router which should rule that out as the problem an so on.

    Have you ever tried just setting everything up (or at least the router and game systems) as DHCP and see how it works? Couldn't hurt and would only take a few minutes.

    Oh, no problem about the fast response, I check the forums during the day while i am at work....working :lol:
  6. I usually always use static IP addresses for the sake of downloads, LAN gaming, port forwarding and stuff like that. I might go through and set everything with DHCP and see how that works. If it does not change anything I can always go back and reassign everything a static IP. Thanks again for the suggestion.

    Everyone please feel free to have some input. The more minds the faster I can resolve this. Don't feel bad for mentioning anything. I definitely do not know it all and I am up for suggestions for everything!
  7. Ok, post back how DHCP works out. All i can say is i have been using DHCP for as many years as i can remember (even back to the original Xbox days, LOL) and i have never had a problem. I tried static IP's back in the day and really didn't notice anything beneficial. So i figured why not go the easier route and just let the router handle all that.

    It sounds like i do all the same stuff you are using so i hope it solves your issue. Only thing i really don't do anymore is port forwarding as most routers in the last 5-6 years don't need to have ports forwarded, especially for the game systems like they use to tell you HAD to be done. As far as LAN gaming (although i no longer do that anymore either) most people who do it will tell you that the easiest way is to use the routers built in DHCP server. And whenever possible use a CAT5 from the router port to a central switch, then patch cables from the switch to each computer people are playing on. Although running cords all over the house is not exactly idea for some people.
  8. Well, I tried a bunch of things. The thing that finally fixed it for me was this:

    The port numbers for PLAYSTATION®Network servers used for this are TCP: 80, 443, 5223 and UDP: 3478, 3479. I forwarded these ports to my PS3 that was set up with a static IP address.

    I learned that from this post:


    Good luck others that find this!
  9. Have you tried changing the DNS that you go through the one that your ISP is sending info through maybe throttling you even though ISPs "never do this". Try rerouting through the google public DNS:

    Go into: Settings - Network Settings - Internet Connection Settings - Custom

    Connection Method: Choose Wireless or Wired ... however you connect
    Operation Mode (Auto-Detect or Manual Settings): Manual Settings
    Speed & Duplex: Auto-Detect
    IP Address Setting: Automatic
    DHCP Host name: Do Not Set
    DNS Settings: Manual
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    MTU: Automatic
    Proxy Server: Do Not Use
    UPnP: Enable

    press X to save.

    I made this change on my PC, mind you, but it could be the same problem. I had nothing, but drops, stutters and all manner of problems. I switched to Google DNS and everything streams beautifully. Hope this works!
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