Some keys not working on laptop keyboard

The , . / and SHIFT key (4 in a row) and the ; key (above/middle the 4 in a row) have stopped working....

they worked intermittently for a couple days, and now completely dead.
if one died when they were working intermittently, all 5 died
USB keyboard works fine
nothing was spilled on the keyboard

i've tried:

rebooting into safe mode
reattaching the ribbon to the MB connector
deleting and reinstalling the drivers

this keyboard/notebook has taken some good slams from my fists. the motherboard was replaced few months back and haven't hit it since then. i don't know if the MB is new or refurb (was replaced under warranty).

anything else i can try short of testing another keyboard?

my main concern is that it's the connector or some part on the MB as opposed to the keyboard....which is more likely given the bit of info here? i've seen people with similar issues saying a new keyboard didn't fix the problem, but most people don't report back...

any idea which it's more likely to be (mb or keyboard/ribbon)?
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  1. Most likely your keyboard, sorry to say. My desktop keyboard died in a similar fashion. No warning, key by key it stopped working. One day it was the space, and then the next day it was the A and the N and the enter and shift keys. Then each day a few more after, and I did not spill or hit it. It happens, if the connector is not all the way in, that will not effect how many keys will work, the entire keyboard will either work or not.
  2. Actually, at this point I'm hoping it's the keyboard. As opposed to the motherboard or the connector that would require some labor to replace. I was in the city yesterday, but I didn't get around to bringing it to the computer center. For now I'm just living with the remapping to the f1-f4 keys. Luckily it's not a some home row keys...Just the punctiation...
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  4. Hi buddy,
    just remove your keyboard from laptop and clean it help of blower and fixed it again.
    if it is not working properly after this than replace it.

  5. This happens all the time, and while occasionally it's software or crud in the keyboard, most likely the keyboard is on its way out. This is not the worst thing in the world; if you spend a hour looking around, you can replace most laptop keyboards with $50 and a screwdriver.
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