GTX 480 PCI-E @ x2 1.1 instead of x16 2.0

hey people,

Just tried running GPU-Z noticed that my EVGA gtx 480 is running @ x2 1.1

Not sure when this happened but somehow the bus speed is stuck at x2 nomatter what i do.
I try running diablo 3 and still stuck at x2.

I also tried the stress test in GPU-Z, still not changing.

My system:
CPU: Intel Q9450 2.66
MB: Asus P5KPL-VM with latest bios
RAM: 4GB OCZ Reaper Kit (2x 2gb)
PS: Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 700W

I tried changing the PCI-E us Frequancy to 100-105 and that didnt do anything.
this motherboard doesnt have too many bios options.

But i still dont see why this happened.

if anyone has an idea please let me know.
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  1. Hi

    Have you tried updating the motherboards BIOS?

    Also is the graphics card in the top PCI-E lane?
  2. yes, I already mentioned that the motherboard had the latest bios.

    And this motherboard only has 1 pci-e 16x slot unfortunatly
  3. Ok I'd run 3DMark11 and see how your score compares to other similar systems, just to find out if your card is actually running at x2 1.1 or if its a bug with GPU-Z.
  4. so if 3d mark gives me good benchmarks then everything is fine?

    Is there a way to know for sure though at what speed the pci-e is running at?
  5. Well, if you get a decent score you know for certain it's not running at 1.1 x2. That wouldn't be enough bandwidth for even the lowest end cards.
  6. I already clicked the question mark, thats what i meant by gpu-z stress test.

    Still get x2 1.1, doesnt budge.

    I dont know what to make of this, I just wanna know if theres something wrong, or its normal.

    I will try 3d mark11 when i get home.

    one thing i noticed though is that my northbridge heatsync is scortching hot and my ram sticks are hotter than usual as well...

    not sure whats causing that, could the video card be the reason?

    it was doing that with my old gigabyte motherboard right before it got fried...
    I RMA'd that board and bought the asus for the mean time.

    but it seems to be doing the same thing
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