I7 3770K OC question.


I have recently acquired an i7 3770K processor (for $230 at MicroCenter(!)), and I plan on overclocking it once I get my CPU fan (A Cooler Master HYPER 212 EVO). What kind of clock speeds do you think I should expect? Anything above 4.5, while maintaining acceptable temperatures?

My build:

Motherboard- ASRock Z77 Extreme4
CPU- 3770K
Memory- 8GB Ripjaws @ 1600
SSD- Samsung 840 250GB
Case- Cooler Master Storm Series Trooper

Haven't gotten a video card yet, but I plan on getting a GTX 660ti or a 670 soon!
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  1. Oh, and a Corsair HX750W power supply.
  2. i would say about 4.2ghz with a hyper 212 evo

    depending on your ambient temperatures
  3. i would say you could get it too 4.4GHz if not definitely 4.3GHz. i have mine at 4.2GHz and it doesn't get passed 65c with a hyper212+ after 6 hours of testing with prime 95. by then the room was probably 40c because it's very small and i had the door and window closed so that definitely affected my temps. i couldn't breathe when i walked in. :lol:
  4. How fast do I need my memory to be? Is 1600 okay for, say, 4.5GHz?
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    Don't mess with memory just yet,keep it at default clocks or finding what is causing OC failure becomes messy.
    It depends alot on your ambient temperature,your case air flow including fans and motherboard potencial.
    The PSU is more than enough.
    Furthermore,every chip is different so you may achieve more or less OC with different Vcore values.Make sure you increase the multiplier in increments of 1 and test throughly if the system is stable.Also keep in mind that temperatures are low now so in the spring or summer the OC will cause you system to overheat.
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