Pentium dual core vs Intel core i5

Which one is better? Thanks!
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  1. Agreed the i5 is better by a long shot
  2. if its for the i5 with HT, stick with the dual core pentium...if its for the sandy bridge/ivy i5's which are true quad cores, and outperform the older i5's by a lot.

    also i5 quad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dual core pentiu,
  3. hafijur said:
    i5 by a lot. There are 2 verisions of i5 one is 2 core with hyper threading which gives out another 2threads and of course the i5 quad core with just 4 cores. pentium dual core normally has less cache and is just 2 cores.

    He is referring to the desktop version (an actual quad core CPU) and the laptop version (dual core only).

    Either way, Intel's current Ivy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs are more powerful than the Pentium Dual Core.
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