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I've some questions about the FSB:DRAM ratio, overclock and bottleneck

November 26, 2012 2:20:35 PM

I am sorry if my questions are stupid and I am a newbie at overclocking.
Assume that my computer has a Q9650, RAM DDR III bus 1333 and an Asrock G41-VS3.
Without any overclocking, when I open CPU-Z, the FSB: DRAM should be 1:2 right?
Q1: Can I Change my Bus Speed from 333 to 366, because people usually recommend 200,266,333,400...?
Q2: Will my RAM be overclocked automatically? ( As I set Overclocking: Optimized in my Mainboard)
Q3: Since that mainboard doesn't have the option to change the Vcore, will I be fine with 1.3625V (nightmare)?
Q4: In case the RAM is not automatically overclocked, making the ratio become 11:20. Is that OK?
Because some people told me that in order not to get bottlenecked: FSB/4 < RAMBUS/2. I find it quite make sense. However, that also means any ratio that is lower than 1:2 will cause the bottleneck. So the ratio 1:1 is a nightmare and 2:1 is a disaster. :o 
Q5&6: Will that ratio cause the CPU bottleneck and are those people right about the: FSB/4 < RAMBUS/2?
BTW: Q7: In video rendering, a Q9650 and an i5-3210M, which will render faster?
Thank you and sorry for my bad English . :D