Integrated Radeon 4250 or GT 430. Which one is better

I've got a budget build and I have to choose a motherboard.

Integrated Chip / vs using an unused card I have laying around - and is there anything besides basic connectivity features that I should be looking for .... ?

Intended Build Uses - Play around PC more as a Exploratory ( Ubuntu Desktop / Server ) self teaching learn build. ( not my primary PC ). I plan to use it for Ubuntu desktop, or HTPC, or Ubuntu Server. I don't know the final end use of the device, but it may end up being all 3 listed at various times in it's lifespan. I could see doing video editing, graphics, some embedded microcontroller programming, etc. It's really a broad use build design.

* CPU = AMD Phenom II 1045T
* Motherboard - Integrated 4250 MSi 880G-E45-ATX / or GA-970A-UD3 Socket AM3+ - ATX ( paired with GT 430 I have unused )

I wouldn't mind trying my first overclock on this PC ( this is a would be nice rather than need )

If I ever do any gaming on it it'll be the free stuff that's legacy Linux games. Nothing that I'd pay money for, so my GPU demands won't be high.

My questions are

1) Performance of GT 430 pcie card vs the Integrated ATI 4250. Is one significantly better than the other?

2) Is there a significant reason to choose one board above over the other.

3) Is one board significantly better for overclocking & Why? Currently, I have zero experience OC'ing, I have minimal knowledge of what to look for besides connectivity features in a MOBO. OC is not a must have, but it's something I wouldn't mind tinkering with. What will the Gigabyte board have that the MSI board doesn't. More stable VRAM .. ? other things hardware upgrades ...? more bios features.. and what kind .. ? I won't be trying to squeeze out every ounce of performance, but wouldn't mind squeezing a little bit of extra performance out of the chip... will MSI & Gigabyte both allow me to do this.

If anybody could shed some light on the above 3 questions, it would greatly help me choose one motherboard over another. Also, if any opinions of one MOBO over another, feel free to share along with reasons why you like or dislike a particular board over the other. Choosing the MOBO is the only decision hurdle I need to get through.

I'm very much interested in keeping the build cost down to a minimum. So not looking to go latest and greatest, just best bang & performance for the buck.

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  1. The gt430 is way better than the integrated 4250, not sure about your other questions
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