Upgrading from GTS 250, $150-$170 budget after rebate

Hello all, I'm looking to upgrade from a BFG GTS 250 cuz it seems like its heating up when I'm playing D3 at decently high settings. I'm looking for something that can run it at almost full settings cuz I like the sharpness in my video games.

In any case, I've been looking at radeon 6870s/6850s and geforce gtx 560/550 Ti (though I think thats somewhat equivalent to the gts 250?) and looking to spend about $150 - $170. I want it to last at least a few years.

i5 2.6 ghz
corsair cx600 600 watt psu
WD HD caviar blue 500gb
windows 7 home 64 bit
gigabyte mobo.....[im not sure what it is sorry =(]

I'm honestly not all too familiar with the new wave of GPUs, so please halp! Thanks!
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  1. I'd go 6870 if you can find an affordable one.
  2. something like this


    what does the 1gb/2gb affect?
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