Laptops have connectivity issues with wireless :(

I have 4 laptops... 3 with Windows XP and 1 with Windows 7... when i initially did the install with AT&T Uverse (back in July this year, so i have the latest and greatest router/modem combo) I did it with the Win 7 laptop... the other laptops are a hit and miss. Sometimes they have limited or no connectivity when Win 7 laptop works fine... when they do connect.. it's very spotty... the modem is upstairs however i have taken the win 7 laptop all over the home and the connection has been fine... not with the other laptops... i can be in the room next door and it's limited or no connectivity... I have rebooted the modem router and but i don't want to do a full reset bc I got my printer on the network wirelessly (had somoene else do it... ) at&t says i need to do a full reset! ARGH... any other suggestions?
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  1. Are you able to connect to any other wireless connections with the XP laptops? You might need to update the wireless drivers on them.
  2. yes we have had no issues before... how do we update the drivers? :) thanks for your response.
  3. Not sure if there is a faster way:
    Start->Control Panel->System->Device Manager->Network Adapters
    The settings for upgrading the drivers should be on a tab under the Network adapter for Windows XP.

    I would only do a full reset as a last resort. I switch services recently to a new Roadrunner Extreme (fastest cable internet in my area) and i didn't have to change anything on my PC or Laptop other than the new security settings from the new wireless modem/router.
  4. You can log into youre router and download the config file then check if there are any firmware updates for it.Then do the reset. Check if the problem is still an issue. If not you can load up the config file you download back to the router so you don't have to tweak it trying to set up the printer.

    Some time if youre neighbor setup there wireless so they can have maximum output there might be some interference with youre network. Also if youre win7 machine wireless is running it 802.11n and the other are either B or G that might be why you can go around you house and still have networking and the others can't. Also some laptops powersaving schemes will limit how much power % a wireless card will have in order to conserve battery life. So that affects speed and connectivity. U can try either changing the scheme to full performance or connect to wall in order to test to see if thats what happening.
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