Best GPU for Dell Inspiron 530?

i did some research but most were old, so I would like to ask again.

dell inspiron 530 with stock 300w psu.
cpu E6420
gpu 8600gt
4gb ram(1gb x4)
2 Sata HDDs
DVD/CD combo burner

right now, i am not interested in upgrading PSU.
instead, looking to invest $100 or less to extend the usuage to another 1-2 years.
i watch lots of movies, light gamings including DIABLO 3.
what would be the best gpu in radeon and nvidia series?
Thanks for the help!!
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  1. i was thinking radeon 6670?
    will this be ok for the 300w psu?
    how about nvidia gpu comparable to 6670?
  2. Hi kjay80
    If you have an Inspiron 530 Mini Tower Desktop from Dell. Here’s the list of all supported Graphics cards:
    Whereas, if you have an Inspiron 530 Slim Tower model, then you can go through the following list:
    Also, you can find the prices listed here. I am sure these cards will match your need as well as your budget.
    Certified Dell Community Professional
    You can reach us at!/dellcares / /
  3. The HD 6670 should be fine. Any card that does not require a PCIe power cable will be safe to use. If you have a full size case (no slim-line), you can use any HD 6670 you prefer. Some 300W Inspiron 530s have a PCIe power cable from the PSU tempting you to use a larger graphics card. That's because Dell used a PSU for that model that was closer to a 350W PSU than 300W. I would still stay with the cards that get all its power from the PCIe slot itself (75W) though.
  4. ok, one more question.
    HD 6670 vs 7750?
    Which one is preferred?
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    kjay80 said:
    ok, one more question.
    HD 6670 vs 7750?
    Which one is preferred?

    The HD 7750 appears to have the edge here:
    As well as here:,3107-7.html
    The HD 6670 draws about 5.25A maxed out and the HD 7750 about 4.58A. Your PSU's +12V rail(s) should be able to handle either one fine.
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  7. thank you!
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